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NFC added to iPhone 8 and X


If you’ve been thinking about using NFC tags in your advertising or for your business, there’s soon going to be a huge opportunity for everyone to be able to use this amazing tap technology.

With the advent of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X natively supporting NFC (meaning you don’t need to download an app to read NFC Smart Posters or read NFC tags), this means that both IOS and Android users will be able to easily tap on NFC tags to gather additional info, send text messages and more (see our articles How NFC is changing the way customers interact with products, Using NFC tags for advertising or How does NFC actually work? All your questions answered).

Android has had NFC functionality since around 2010 and advertisers have been hesitant to fully embrace NFC as an effective advertising method as it only worked for approx half of the Smartphone market.

“Now that iPhones are supporting NFC, advertising opportunities for Australian businesses have grown considerably and the forward-thinking businesses that get in on the ground level are the ones that are going to benefit most from this change.” says Easitag Managing Director Warwick Debney.

Talk to us today about how Easitag can help you with NFC advertising for your products. Call us on 1800 077 375.


RFID tags for Metal Surfaces

Easitag would like to introduce RFID tags for metal surfaces

rfid tag for metal surfacesEmbedding or affixing RFID tags onto metal surfaces has always been a delicate reality for many companies and typically it’s been fraught with issues and problems. Often metal surfaces will interfere with RFID tag antennas and the tag or label isn’t able to relay critical information to RFID readers.

This is why Easitag has been hard at work developing our ‘Tough 2 RFAM36001’ label that will work with RFID systems that need to have labels embedded or attached to metal surfaces.

Below are some images and specifications of this new RFID label that works one metal surfaces. 


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Why Your Store Needs Retail Security System


retail security systems eas

One of the most effective ways to control stock loss and battle shop stealing in your retail outlet is to install an Electronic Article Surveillance Alarm System. These systems are incredibly scalable and are considered one of the most successful ways to deal with stock loss and product shrinkage.


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Using NFC tags for advertising

nfc for advertising

If you’re looking for an idea to take your advertising to the next level, have you considered using NFC labels in your advertising? NFC gives you a level of interactivity and instant response that’s typically difficult to achieve in traditional media and marketing efforts. 

By integrating NFC into your advertising you enable a new layer of information to be added to your signs, posters and product labels. This combined with the ease of use (customers simply tap their NFC enabled phones on your poster) and the fact that customers don’t need to download any software (unlike QR codes) means it’s a great option for lead generation, additional product info, competitions and promotions.

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Apple introduces NFC to iOS11


ios 11 nfc

At Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference there were many exciting announcements on new and interesting hardware and software developments.

The one that caught our eye in particular was the potential for NFC to be enabled outside of the Apple Pay system. This means that anyone with an iPhone running iOS 11 will be able to read NFC tags, anywhere in the world.

This is exciting stuff as the NFC market that was previously only available to NFC enabled Android phones, now opens up to the huge market of apple iOS devices.

If you’re wanting to find out more about NFC take a look at our blog articles NFC Stickers – what are they, how can you use them and where can you buy them? and How NFC is changing the way customers interact with products.



NFC is available on most post-2012 Android phones and Apple iPhones running iOS 11+ (Read Only). Please ensure your device is compatible with NFC before ordering.

Increase App downloads by using NFC labels


increase app downloads

If your business has an app that you want customers to download, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to install the app on their phones, right? It’s all well and good giving them a card, sticker, brochure, email or social media reminder to download your app – but in the real world, work gets in the way, kids need picking up from school, the dog needs to be fed and many other distractions get in the way of people remembering to download your app.

What if there was a way to get customers to easily download your app in-store by just tapping their phone against a promotional poster? If it sounds too good to be true, get ready to be pleasantly surprised!

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Source Tagging

  products source tagged

If you’ve been in the retail or FMCG industry for any length of time, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the term source tagging. You may not be up-to-date with the latest and greatest in source tagging so we’re here to give you a thorough overview of what it is, how it works and how it can benefit your business.

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What's the difference between and NFC and RFID tag?

Confused about the difference between RFID and NFC? We have all the answers.

There seems to be some confusions between the two technologies RFID and NFC. Whilst they’re similar in a lot of ways, there are also some differences between the two technologies and we try to outline how they’re different and how your business might benefit from using these technologies. 

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How NFC is changing the way customers interact with products


I’m a big whiskey fan. The whole process of gathering up the ice, pouring that gorgeous amber liquid into a short glass, relaxing with my feet up after a long day and letting the bite of fiery alcohol hit my throat never gets old.

I’m a big fan of Irish whiskey in fact. One of my favourite whiskeys is Jameson. The colour of the bottle, the smoothness of it’s taste and it’s triple distilling process means that a wee dram of this is very enjoyable – even if you’re not a big whiskey drinker.

The fact I love this brand meant I was incredibly excited to learn about Jameson's newest campaign utilising a limited edition bottle and some very smart use of NFC technology. Two of my biggest loves – whiskey and tech, finally brought together in one awesome product launch.

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Brazen thefts mean beefing up security is a good idea

loop on table headphone

Shopkeepers who stock Beats headphones and other high end headphones have been warned to step up their security after a gang of youths targeted four Officeworks shops in Melbourne.

Around 15 males were seen to be taking headphones and other electronic equipment from stores in Chadstone, South Yarra, Carnegie and Highett on a busy Saturday night in November 2016. 

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6 simple and cost effective ways to reduce shoplifting

shop theft

It’s common place to simply google something if you’re looking for answers these days. We have the world's information at our fingertips and it’s moving us towards a society that routinely looks towards technologically for answers and solutions. Now there’s nothing wrong with looking at technological solutions (we’re big believers in things like retail security systems, source tagging, RFID tags and NFC labels) but sometimes simple solutions can work well in conjunction with a technological one.

Basic anti theft solutions usually require less training and troubleshooting than high-tech tools, however, the best overall strategy for optimal theft reduction is a combination of several loss prevention techniques.

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Why Utilise EAS and NFC Labels Together?

Packagers and manufacturers are utilising emerging NFC label technologies to “value add” their client offerings allowing them to unlock a myriad of dynamic content and traceability solutions. NFC label technology has the ability for the end user of virtually any product to interact with the brand in a simple yet effective manner.

A pre-encoded NFC label can be applied independently or in conjunction with the application of the RF EAS label to harness existing manufacturing processes.

By placing an NFC label underneath your typical packaging and product labels the manufacturer can create richer end user interactions and loyalty.


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Security Tags for Clothing and Apparel

clothing retail

If you walk through any modern shopping centre you will see an overwhelming majority of stores and retail outlets that have clothing and apparel. This gives customers a wide range of choice when it comes their selection of clothing, but it also gives any ‘wannabe’ thief more options when it comes to shop stealing.

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Easitag – Your Source Tagging Company

source tagging companies

If you’ve been looking around for a source tagging company located in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Easitag has been in operation for over 15 years and has a range of different source tagging labels available for all types of applications.

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NFC Stickers – what are they, how can you use them and where can you buy them?

What is NFC?

NFC is a relatively new player in the market when it comes to mobile communication formats. Even though the technology itself has been around since around 2002 (source) and only really took off as a viable technology later that decade, NFC is still relatively unknown to many consumers.

Paypass NFCIn a nutshell, NFC is the ability to send small packets of data between two NFC enabled devices (two-way or dual communication) or between an NFC sticker, label or tag to a phone or other NFC enabled device (one-way communication).

There’s a good chance that you’ve already used NFC and don’t even know about it. If you’ve used Paypass or Paywave (credit card tap technology) or have an access key for your building or work, then that’s most likely using NFC technology.

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10 tell tale signs of a shop stealer

Ten ways to easily spot a shop stealer

As a retailer or store owner we all want to protect the stock in our stores and we do this by putting together retail security systems, shoplifting signs, security tags and other technology that will help to keep stock from walking out the door unpaid for.

A solid retail security system along with knowing the signs and traits that shop stealers often show is a surefire way to ensure the stock in your store is safe from theft. Here’s a few you will want to look out for:-

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NFC Tag uses - What can you do with NFC Stickers?

Interested in using NFC tags? Find out how to use them and what can be done with them below.

If you’re reading this article on an Android or Windows smartphone, chances are you’re holding an NFC enabled device in your hand already! NFC offers the ultimate in convenience for connecting all types of consumer devices like phones, tablets, etc and enables businesses to determine what happens when a smartphone is tapped against an NFC tag.

Think of it like this. When you use Paywave you tap your credit card against against the Paywave dock (the unit where you usually insert your credit card) and this initiates a payment from your bank to the merchant.

This is pretty much how NFC works except your credit card is usually your phone, and the payment can be a range of different actions (like opening a web browser on a particular page, or putting your phone on silent, etc).

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