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This could be a combination of online advertising and mobile promotions, and as more mobile phones enable NFC as standard we’re finding a high level of interest in NFC advertising options.

Using NFC labels in your advertising campaigns is a smart way to engage people and drive traffic to your website, downloads for your apps or easily give people additional information about your products. There are lots of different ways companies are using NFC tags in their advertising now, here are a few examples.



 Example 1 - Additional Product Information

Imagine your customers being able to tap their phones against a product to find out additional product information. No QR codes to scan, no apps to download before they can access the information, no website to type in – just a simple tap and a pop-up screen with additional product info shows up.

Example 2 - Competition entries

Everyone loves winning prizes but sometimes the barrier to entering a competition can impact on the number of people who enter. If you’re promoting a website for an entry people either have to type in a website address or try and remember it once they walk out of the store, or you have to hope they keep some printed material with the website address printed on it.

Using NFC tags a customer can simply tap on a Smart Poster or NFC sticker and it will take them straight to the website URL of your competition page. Simple, easy, instant and different. THAT’S how you grow competition entries!

Example 3 - Smart Posters

Smart Posters are growing in popularity across Australia. These are posters that have NRF labels integrated into them and guide users to tap on your poster to get additional info, go to a website or download an app. The advertising opportunities for NFC tags are almost as endless as the apps, websites or information you can create! 

They’re great examples of NFC tags in advertising, but can you reprogram them?

The answer is yes! But there are a few caveats to that answer. 

When you add information to an NFC tag that’s called ‘writing’ to your tag. When you ‘write’ information to your tag you have the option of making it ‘read-only’. If this is done, once the tag has had information added to it, you won’t be able to reprogram it.

If you keep your tags ‘open’ so they’re able to be reprogramed, it’s worth noting that anyone with an NFC writing app like the NFC Easiwayv Tools can come along and reprogram your NFC tags so it’s strongly advised that any tags that are being used in a public place be made ‘read-only’.

If you’re thinking about experimenting with NFC tags, take a look at the article named How to Program your NFC Tags on our website and this will give you a rundown of what our app can do and how you can use your NFC labels.

For enquiries about NFC labels, please contact us or call us on 1800 077 375.

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