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If you own or manage a retail business, or store that deals with the public, protecting stock and making sure you’re reducing opportunities for theft and shoplifting is an imperative part of your overall shrinkage strategy.

Obviously keeping eyes on all customers isn’t possible, or profitable. Signs and security cameras are a great tool, but won’t stop theft entirely. One of the best ways to reduce shrinkage is with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems and labels. One of the most common retail security tags we sell are plain or barcoded EAS labels that simply stick on to your products, along with retail hard tags for clothing and a range of other EAS tags, labels and stickers.

What is an Electronic Security Tag?

Electronic security tags are designed to work in conjunction with alarmed gates at the entrance of your store so when a thief tries to steal an item from your store, the tagged product ‘talks’ to the gate and either a visual alarm or sound will alert staff that someone has walked out of the store with a product that hasn’t been de-activated.

Staff typically will either remove tags once a product has been purchased or deactivate an EAS label or tag so customers are able to walk through the store entrance without an alarm sounding.

Electronic security tags are an extremely effective way of visually showing potential shoplifters your products are protected by an alarm system and will more often than not lead to shoplifters not attempting to steal the item in the first place.

Types of Electronic Security Tags

Here at Easitag we have a wide range of EAS tag types and sizes. Below are just a few of the different types of anti theft tags we have in stock. If there’s a particular product or style that you need that you don’t see on our website, please contact us on 1800 077 375.

Paper-thin labels and stickers
Typically called retail security labels or stickers these are small, thin labels that also act as stickers (some products have the labels applied directly to the box or packaging either by staff or via source tagging or they have labels slipped into the box). These types of labels are used when hard tags or pin tags aren’t suitable and offer a very discreet way of protecting your stock from shoplifters.

Once the customer goes to the counter to make the purchase, staff use a deactivation tool (usually built into the customer service desk or bench where the till is located) to deactivate the label so the customer can leave the store without activating the alarm system.

Hard tags and pins
Hard tags and pins are usually placed on clothing or sometimes electronic goods and other high value items (make up, batteries, razors, etc). Hard EAS tags come with a wide a range of different attachment methods from lanyards, securatie (like a zip tie) clamps and pins – the options for your retail store to protect your products are affordable and reliable.

Bottle Tags
Specially designed to attach to the top of premium wines and spirits, EAS bottle tags enable bottles to be openly displayed and protected with a strong visual theft deterrence with or without alarm activation at the store exit.

If your store doesn’t have EAS alarm gates, these security tags for bottles are ideal for ‘benefit denial’ as they’re virtually impossible to remove or destroy without the proper detaching device.

Food Grade EAS and RF Labels
When adding security labels to food and meat, there’s an additional set of difficulties faced as many meat and food products need to be refrigerated and are subject to condensation and moisture. Meat/Food EAS labels need to be water resistant whilst still offering maximum detection distance and deactivation height combined with minimum cost.

If you’re interested in talking with us about EAS security labels and tags, please feel free to contact us or call 1800 077 375 today.

EAS Source Tagging for Retail and POS Systems

If you manufacture products that also require the use of EAS or security labels in a retail environment, source tagging is a way of embedding EAS security labels into the packaging of your products at the point of manufacture.

By source tagging security labels many companies enjoy efficiencies in the retail chain process, lower shrinkage rates, a higher profitability for their products and it also opens up a wider range of retailer options for your products.

Easitag is one of Australia’s leading security tag and EAS label providers and has been working with major retailers over the past 10 years to help implement source tagging technology.

Our EAS security tags work with all major security systems including Checkpoint so no matter what store around Australia you’re supplying to, it’s likely our tags will work seamlessly with your EAS retail security system.

EAS Tagging Technology that works with a wide range of products

With access to a wide range of labels (hard, soft, thin and a wide range of styles and amounts) we can assist you with matching the correct label to your products for source tagging. We can source tag products ranging from clothing, cosmetics and sporting goods, through to electronic goods, hardware items and white goods.

How source tagging helps manufacturers

If you’re a manufacturer of products, source tagging can help you by:-

  • Giving you consistent label placement
  • Giving you fast turn-around times
  • Protecting your inventory
  • Protecting your branding and packaging (you control label placement)
  • Minimising the impact of product handling

How source tagging helps retailers

If you’re a retailer, source tagging can help you by:- 

  • Reducing time spent by staff inserting or applying labels
  • Providing consistent label placement and compliance
  • Improving speed to shelf times as there’s no additional contact needed with the product
  • Reducing potential damage to products by reducing touchpoints

If you would like to talk with one of our team about source tagging opportunities, please call us on 1800 077 375 or feel free to make an enquiry through our contact us page.

Store Anti Theft Systems – Tags, Labels and Gates

With the price of shop rent increasing, customers expecting more for less and the advent of online retail, it’s never been more important to ensure that products in your store are secured from theft attempts.

Any element that erodes your profit margin can hurt your bottom line, impacting on sales, profit and your ability to trade.

Secure your products with an Easitag Anti-theft Security System
EAS anti theft devices are a reliable way to reduce theft attempts inside your store. Once a shop stealer sees that retail outlets are secured with anti theft systems and tags, they’re less likely to attempt stealing.

Installing an anti theft system protects your products, your staff and your bottom line.

Store Anti Theft Security Systems

With several anti theft systems to choose from, Easitag can assist with compiling a complete solution that suits your needs and your budget. We stock and supply the Aquila, Merkur and Orion-venus systems.

To find out more go to our Store Security Systems page.

Anti Theft Labels and Tags

Combining our EAS labels and tags with an RF-EAS anti theft security system is a dependable way to ensure your products are secured from theft attempts. Offering a wide range of labels in the 8.2 MHz radio frequency range, Easitag has an anti theft label that will suit your needs.

To find out more go to our Security Labels and Tags page.

The Aquila wide aisle detection antenna with moving field detection for eliminating interference sources.

Constructed of both aluminium and stainless steel with clear acrylic panels, the Aquila is equipped with a sophisticated optically-slaved transmitter and digital signal processor that ensures security labels can be readily detected and distinguished from interference sources and disturbances.

The new contemporary child-proof design Aquila has a maximum detection up to 1.7m (5.6ft) with standard 8.2MHz RF labels or tags and provides an overall appearance which is both attractive and robust.
For retailers to whom maximum system detection range is critical, along with contemporary appearance, the newly designed Aquila is definitely the system of choice

Mechanical Specifications Antenna

Antenna Height 1660 mm (65.4 inch)
Antenna Width 442 mm (17.4 inch)
Antenna Base 442 mm (17.4 inch) x 91 mm (3.6 inch)
Frame Width 48 mm (1.9 inch)
Weight 8.5 kg (18.8 lbs)
Material Front Panel Aluminium – Steel construction
Foot Cover ABS scratch resistant, Aluminium Gray RAL 9007
Panel AQS-250: Acrylic Clear, other options on request

Electrical Specifications Antenna and Electronics

Operating Frequency 8.2 MHz (± 10%)
Operating Distance up to 1.7 m (5.6 ft) with 4 x 4 Label
Operating Temperature 0° to 50 °C (32° to 122 °F)
Detection Characteristic Moving Fields (4 Loop)
Transmitter Mode Master, Opto Slave
Slave Output 2 x Opto (Optional)
Receiver Technology Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
Power Supply Transformer 240 V AC, 0.135 A, 50/60 HZ
Alarm Indication Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Alarm Buzzer up to 90 dBb at 1 m (3.3 ft.) adjustable


Product liability: The information provided is true, represents our best knowledge and is not only based on laboratory work but also on-field experience. However, due to numerous factors affecting results, we offer this information without guarantee and no patent liability is assumed. For further information or questions, please contact your Easitag representative.

Security solutions for retail, personal and business

Easitag is an Australian-based Electronic Article Surveillance company that specialises in the supply, installation and service of Radio Frequency EAS equipment. We help retail outlets and businesses to implement security solutions.

Easitag also supplies Radio Frequency EAS adhesive labels, tags and gates to major retail chains and businesses all over Australia.

Buy through our on-line store or if you require assistance in choosing the perfect security product for your system
contact us on 1800 077 375.


Weve already helped thousands of major retailers and small business alike by providing simple and experienced security product advice, now we would like to help you!


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