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What is NFC?

NFC is a relatively new player in the market when it comes to mobile communication formats. Even though the technology itself has been around since around 2002 (source) and only really took off as a viable technology later that decade, NFC is still relatively unknown to many consumers.

Paypass NFCIn a nutshell, NFC is the ability to send small packets of data between two NFC enabled devices (two-way or dual communication) or between an NFC sticker, label or tag to a phone or other NFC enabled device (one-way communication).

There’s a good chance that you’ve already used NFC and don’t even know about it. If you’ve used Paypass or Paywave (credit card tap technology) or have an access key for your building or work, then that’s most likely using NFC technology.

What are NFC Stickers?

NFC stickers are a specially made or designed label or sticker that has an NFC microchip and antenna embedded into the sticker. NFC stickers and labels come in a wide range of sizes, types and colours and there’s multiple options for choosing what NFC tags and stickers will do when tapped by an NFC enabled device.

Here at Easitag we make it incredibly easy to get your hands on NFC stickers. You can buy NFC labels online through our online store or you can call us on 1800 077 375 to order labels to talk to us about NFC solutions for your business.

What’s an NFC Reader?

The most common and readily available NFC reader out there is most likely sitting in your pocket. A huge majority of Android mobile phones are already NFC enabled (see how to activate NFC on an android device).

Of course there’s many other NFC readers being used in everyday environments like buildings with access cards, mobile payment readers (like you see in many retail outlets today), and the Gocard and Myky card used in transport services.

What’s an NFC Encoder?

An NFC Encoder usually comes in the form of an App that you can download onto your smartphone. Easitag has an NFC Encoding app called the NFC Easiwayv Tools app and this enables you to encode NFC labels and sticker easily.

There’s a huge range of information you can add to your NFC labels with the NFC Easiwayv Tools app. Here’s a rundown:-

  • Plain Text (great for additional information or promotion info)
  • Web URL (link to a website of your choice)
  • Custom URL (for anything not http)
  • WiFi Network (enable visitors to access your WiFi network)
  • SMS (get people to SMS details for competitions, etc)
  • Email (similar to SMS, perfect for competitions, sign-ups, etc)
  • Telephone (enable the phone to call a particular number – after hours access to a building for example)
  • Business Card (share your contact details via an NFC label)

How much do NFC stickers and labels cost?

If you’re purchasing NFC stickers from us and you would like to place an order of less than 200 labels you can easily buy them online. (We have special pricing for orders of 200 or more.)

To give you a rough idea of the cost of NFC stickers and labels, here’s a guide if you purchase them through Easitag:-

  • 1 to 200 labels @ $0.95+ GST each
  • 201- 500 labels @ $0.75+ GST each
  • 501- 2,000 labels @ $0.65+ GST each

Note - if you require NFC encoding this will incur an small additional cost.

What shapes and sizes do your NFC Stickers come in?

We offer two types of labels that come in two different formats – round and square labels with or a logo or printing on them.

Blank NFC Labels
Blank NFC stickers come in 27 millimetre round and 37 millimetre square options and are available for purchase on through our online store.

Custom NFC labels
For quantities of 10,000+, we can easily print your logo on our round and square NFC labels. If you have some custom print requirements please call us on 1800 077 375.