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If you’ve been looking around for a source tagging company located in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Easitag has been in operation for over 15 years and has a range of different source tagging labels available for all types of applications.

Easitag Source Tagging for Retail Suppliers

The reason more and more retail suppliers are choosing Easitag to supply their source tagging labels is simple. We can help you identify and choose the right types of labels depending on the retailers you supply, their store configuration and your products.

We’ve helped many retail suppliers source tag their products for supermarkets, mass merchandisers, pharmacies, and many other sectors that supply product to the major chains listed below.

Do you supply to any of these major retailers?

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Why retailers love products that are source tagged.

There are several benefits to supplying source tagged products to retailers:-

Better staff efficiency

By applying labels at the manufacturing stage, companies can free up their staff for other uses as they’re not being distracted by adding security labels to your products in the retail outlet.

Your product gets on the shelves faster

By arriving at the depot, outlet or store with a security tag already incorporated, your products can make it to the shelves in a quicker timeframe than if they’re not source tagged.

Reduction in damaged stock

By eliminating the need for retail staff to add security labels to your products in the store, you immediately reduce the chance of stock being accidently damaged by staff adding tags, labels or stickers.

Perfect placement, every time

By getting EAS or RF labels added during the manufacturing process you can be sure that placement of EAS and RF labels, stickers and tags is perfect every time. No more labels over barcodes or covering up important product information.

No investment

If tags, labels and stickers are added at the manufacturing level (sometimes called ‘the source’) there’s no need for retailers to invest in the labour required for in-store tagging. This can lead to a higher uptake of your products being chosen to be added to retailers shelves.

Source tag your products

Call us today on 1800 077 375 to talk with us about source tagging labels, stickers and tags for your products. This will help your products to be more accessible to retailers and save time and money for your business.