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Easitag would like to introduce RFID tags for metal surfaces

rfid tag for metal surfacesEmbedding or affixing RFID tags onto metal surfaces has always been a delicate reality for many companies and typically it’s been fraught with issues and problems. Often metal surfaces will interfere with RFID tag antennas and the tag or label isn’t able to relay critical information to RFID readers.

This is why Easitag has been hard at work developing our ‘Tough 2 RFAM36001’ label that will work with RFID systems that need to have labels embedded or attached to metal surfaces.

Below are some images and specifications of this new RFID label that works one metal surfaces. 



rfid metal surfaces

RFID for metal details


  • Long read distances on metal surfaces
  • High-performance acrylic adhesive
  • Low profile and cost effective
  • Additional data storage: 96-bit EPC memory plus 512-bit user memory

Use Case

  • Metal containers
  • Railway tracking
  • Metal shelf warehousing management
  • Laboratory equipment management
  • Hospital asset management
  • Work in process control