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j plug mobile lock

When it comes to securing mobiles, tablets and electronic devices in a retail environment, there are lots of different security options available in the market today. Tablet and mobile stands are common and don’t get us wrong, they’re a viable options but today we’re going to look at why J-Plug mobile security systems beat a tablet stand everytime.

Before we dive into the comparisons of these two products, let’s get a better understanding of what these products are, the type of security they provide and how customers interact with the devices they’re protecting.

tablet standTablet stands for retail security

Like the name suggests, tablet stands are just that. A stand device that holds tablets, mobiles and other electronic devices. Typically stands are static, in that the customer is required to use the device without being able to pick it up or use it and are secured to a bench or display unit.

Tablet and mobile stands either completely encase the mobile device, or grasp the device in a series of claws or arms to secure it to the bench or display. There are many different designs and types available on the market today and all work slightly differently to each other.



lock in hand experience lpJ-Plug retail security solutions

Our range of J-plug security solutions either plug directly into the 3.5mm audio jack found on most mobile devices these days or uses a stylish and strong loop system. There are options for purely mechanical solutions or mechanical + alarmed solutions that provide the highest level of security and usability for retail environments who display tablets, mobiles and electronic devices.

Now that we have an understanding of the differences between these two types of mobile security products, let’s take a look at how each of them are used in a retail environment and which is the superior product.



When displaying products for sale – particularly products that people use with their hands, it’s important that customers are able to pick up and touch the items to imagine themselves using them.

Retail outlets might be selling devices, but customer buy on fun, feel and emotion. If you can’t get your customer connected with your product, they’re less likely to buy from you.

When looking at the differences between a static, rigid tablet or mobile stand and our range of J-plug mobile security products, it’s plain to see that the J-plug wins every time. It gives customers the ability to pick up, touch and use your digital products, letting them feel the ‘true weight’ of the product without bulky mechanisms or rigid stands.


When considering a new mobile, customers need to be able to feel the product in their hand. The position of the buttons, the ability to reach apps with their hand shape and finger length are all taken into consideration when coming to a purchase decision.

Stands don’t off the ability for customer to get a feel for the product. Sure they can swipe and tap all the apps to see how the operating system or camera works, but without being able to pick up a mobile device to feel it in their hand, the experience feels somewhat hollow, leading them further away from converting to a paying customer.


Being able to interact, touch and experience a product that you use with your hands is of utmost importance when making a purchase decision. As a society, we’re getting used to the concept of purchasing things online and not being able to feel or touch them before making a purchase decision, but online shopping for a mobile phone, tablet or electronic device is a very different experience than going in-store and looking at, picking up, using and subsequently purchasing a product.

Stands simply don’t enable customers to have an immersive experience with a device. Watch people the next time you’re in a retail store, you will notice that people looking at and using devices on a stand notice what’s going on around them whereas customers who are able to pick up and touch a device are immersed in looking at and experiencing them.


When it comes to security there’s no denying that encasing a table or phone in a security device is the ultimate in security however, doing this comes at a cost. The decline in interactivity and the ability for customers to properly use your mobile devices in a retail environment will have effects on sales.

The J-Plug range of mobile security solutions provides the perfect balance between security and usability. The high tensile strength of the connection wires means a reduction in ‘cut and run’ theft attempts whilst still allowing customers a full immersive mobile experience when browsing and using your products.

As you can see there’s a big difference in experience when it comes to tablet and mobile stands when compared to the simplicity and elegance of the J-plug range of mobile security solutions. Simple, effective and low cost.

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