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What is Electronic Article Surveillance?

Put simply, Electronic Article Surveillance is using technology to stop theft attempts from your store by attaching electronic tags, stickers or labels to your products that trigger an alarm system if the product goes past installed detection gates at the entrance of the store.

When goods have been paid for, tags and labels will be removed or deactivated by the store sales staff before the customer leaves the store. Often alarm detection gates willalso be installed at the entrance of toilets to stop would-be thieves from taking items in there and hiding them on their persons.

How do EAS gates work?

There are two main formats of EAS gate technologies in use in Australia and these are Radio frequency systems and Acousto-magnetic systems (Radio Frequency systems make up the bulk of EAS systems you see in retail stores). These both differ slightly in the way they work but the concept is still the same.

When an EAS label or tag goes past a gate a signal is sent to the alarm system which trips either a light (usually an LED light), an alarm sound or both. This alerts store employees that an item or product is leaving the store without being deactivated or the tag removed at the point of sale.  

How Easitag can help you

If you’re a retail outlet in Australia and you’re looking for a complete retail loss prevention system, we can help you. We do this by taking the time to conduct a thorough security audit of your business to gain a complete understanding of your security needs, ranging from gates and labels through to budget and implementation.

If you have a current system in place that you would like to upgrade, we can guide you through the range of security systems available for retail stores and what will best suit your store, budget and location.

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