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Elevate™ Aloft Wall/Countertop Mounted Kiosk (Top Mounted)

for iPad Air 2 | iPad Air | iPad 4 | iPad 3 | iPad 2

The Elevate Aloft line of kiosks is a sleek, full-featured solution for turning an iPad into an interactive display. The Wall/Countertop Mounted Kiosk is designed for permanent installation to flat surfaces. It features a shorter arm than the Countertop Mounted Kiosk and utilizes mounting hardware that sits on top of the surface it is attached to. This mount is ideal for museum displays, tradeshow displays, reception areas, and any other public space.

Keep your iPad Safe

Each Elevate Aloft tablet enclosure is equipped with a lock and key so you can keep your iPad in the enclosure without fear of it being removed. Each kiosk also comes with a slot compatible with Kensington Locks, so you can tether the entire kiosk to an immovable object for maximum security.

You Control What Guests Can Access

The standard iPad enclosure on all Elevate Aloft kiosks covers the iPad’s home button, so guests can only interact with the content that you choose.

Adjustable & Rotatable

Users can adjust the Elevate Aloft’s viewing angle and rotate the iPad enclosure to accommodate portrait or landscape views.

Stay Connected

The Elevate Aloft won’t block Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or 4G signals so you can keep your iPad connected to wireless data.

Cable Management

Keep your iPad charged while keeping your cable hidden using the cable trough hidden inside the Elevate Aloft.