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Klick™ Universal Tablet Desk Stand

for 9"-12" tablets

We Have Lift-off

The Klick Desk Stand lifts your tablet off the table and into comfortable viewing range. Enjoy the freedom of reduced neck strain and the beauty of chic design with a Klick Desk Stand.

Posture Approved

Bending over a tablet can cause neck and back strain. Lifting your tablet off the table raises your gaze and puts your neck in a more natural position.

Adjustable Viewing Angle

With the Klick Desk Stand you can easily rotate your tablet 360° between portrait or landscape view, and fully adjust the viewing angle till it's just right for you. Keep discomfort to a minimum with the ergonomic Klick Desk Stand.

Works with Most Tablets

The Klick Universal Tablet Desk Stand is designed to work with the widest variety of tablets. The expandable tablet holder adjusts to accommodate any tablet 9”-12” in width.