Universal Hand Strap

for MagConnect™ Compatible Trays & Cases

The invention of the tablet was made to offer the connectivity to the Internet and mobile computing power, but the truth is holding on to the tablet at the edges proves to be challenging for most. This is the vary reason The Joy Factory Universal Hand Strap was created. The Universal Hand Strap makes using your iPad, Surface Pro or like tablets, whether it is traveling, working at the office, or relaxing at home, a better, more enjoyable experience.

Enjoy these amazing features:
  • Adjustable soft neoprene strap for total comfort for any hand size.
  • Fast and easy connection with the tripod quarter inch screw attachment.
  • Rotate easily between portrait and landscape mode without having to remove your hand.

Strap Compatibility

A comfortable soft neoprene strap with Velcro fastening offers a comfortable and secure fit, every time. The adjustable strap is designed to fit any hand size. Paired with a compatible tray or case makes the duo ideal in medical offices, hospitals, construction sites, production lines, sales presentations, warehouse inventory management, restaurant host and wait staff, and one-hand data entries, just to name a few applications.

360° Rotation

The hand strap easily attaches allowing the user to swivel and view the tablet in any orientation up to 360º rotation. With a quarter inch tripod screw attachment on the backside of the hand strap it can easily be connected to any case or tray that has a compatible MagConnect connector, and allows for simple movement between landscape and portrait while in use.

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