NFC offers the ultimate in convenience for connecting all types of consumer devices like phones, tablets, etc and enables businesses to determine what happens when a smartphone is tapped against an NFC tag.

Think of it like this. When you use Paywave you tap your credit card against against the Paywave dock (the unit where you usually insert your credit card) and this initiates a payment from your bank to the merchant.

This is pretty much how NFC works except your credit card is usually your phone, and the payment can be a range of different actions (like opening a web browser on a particular page, or putting your phone on silent, etc).

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Watch this video to understand more about NFC and how it works

Easitag manufactures and provides NFC labels that can be encoded to instruct NFC-enabled mobile devices to perform tasks automatically.
The labels can be easily encoded with the new Easitag NFC Easiwayv Tools app that is available free on Google Play.

What is Near field communication (NFC)

NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication and is a wireless connectivity technology that enables convenient and secure short-range communication between electronic devices. It can be used for simple commands, to make payments or share information.

An active NFC device, like a smartphone, is not only be able to collect information from NFC tags, but it can also exchange information with other compatible phones or devices and can even alter the information on the NFC tag is not locked and allows making such changes.

The Rocks in Sydney using NFC to help guide tourists around the city
The Rocks in Sydney using NFC to help guide tourists around the city


This NFC mode enables mobile devices to read data stored in passive NFC tags. NFC labels can be embedded into public posters, displays, and products to provide instruction to NFC enabled devices to connect to a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which is internet encoding of access instructions for receiving an information file or web address, instruction for making a call, or the SMS instruction for sending a text message.

Use NFC to share files between NFC enabled phones
Use NFC to share files between NFC enabled phones

Peer To Peer

This NFC mode enables mobile devices to more easily interact with each other (i.e., each phone has to be equipped with NFC and the enabling applications) to quickly launch a mobile communications bearer for sharing data with each other, whether to exchange business cards, photos, documents or other type of personal information in “peer-to-peer” data transfers.

NFC enabled Drink Dispenser
NFC enabled Drink Dispenser

Card Emulation

This NFC mode enables mobile device owners to make a contact-less business transaction, in the same way smart cards are used today. This mode of operation enables mobile devices to be used for identification, payment and access control applications.

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Why are businesses moving towards NFC?

  • Versatile: NFC can easily be implemented in a wide range of industries and situations
  • Open and standards-based: Following universal standards means wider choice for customers and stable systems
  • Secure: NFC transmissions are short range (from a touch to a few centimetres)
  • Works with multiple systems: NFC works with existing contactless card technologies
  • Security-ready: NFC has built-in capabilities to support secure applications

Commercial use of NFC labels

NFC offers virtually limitless business applications using NFC labels and some examples of these are:


Not only can NFC tags provide medical professionals with information about what treatments a patient should receive, but they can also keep track of when nurses and doctors have checked in with that patient. Each time the tag is read, the information about who accessed it and when can be transferred to a database. In addition to improving treatment, NFC tags also have potential in the research

The NFC in healthcare solution functions by providing each staff member an NFC-enabled mobile phone and attaching NFC labels to relevant patient files and patient ID bracelets. By swiping the tag/label with an NFC-capable phone, the patient can be clearly identified and important medical history information can be accessed by the caregiver.

Visiting nurses can be monitored by having them check in and out during a patient visit. This way the execution of all planned visits can be monitored and the amount of working hours can be properly recorded. With automated recordings of visits, using NFC in healthcare saves you time as extensive paperwork becomes obsolete.

Loyalty and Coupons

Imagine being able to offer on the spot coupons and promotions to customers based on prior purchase history or points balances. Send out the customised reward encoded NFC label with their latest purchase for them to redeem. Great for use with loyalty programmes and other promotions within your business

Mobile Advertising

All marketers know in this fast paced world you only have a small window of opportunity to interact with an interested customer. NFC enables users to interact with almost any of your outdoor or in-store advertising in a way that wasn’t possible before. With NFC, you just place your phone up to a display and launch the content. This is an opportunity that many businesses are excited about and are in the process of implementing with Easitag

Product Authentication

By using NFC tags on products, auditors can easily check authenticity of products throughout the supply chain process. By adding an NFC tag at the production level, businesses will be able to track and verify the authenticity of their goods from the point of production to the sale at the store.

Business Cards

In business meetings, conferences and other events, networking is important. A lot of business cards usually switch hands but now there’s another way to ensure your contact details are relayed in a very usable form. An NFC label encoded with your contact details in your wallet or integrated into an event badge becomes your new business card ready to be uploaded onto mobile devices by others. It’s also a great idea to have physical business cards with a NFC label inside. This could direct a person’s mobile device to your company website for the location of your company and other detailed information

Provide access to your Wi-Fi

Place an NFC label in your reception area, which provides visitors instant access to your Wi-Fi without revealing your password. The close proximity an NFC device needs to have with the tag makes it impossible for non-authorized persons to connect to it from outside the business premises

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