A Range Of Retail Security, Anti-Theft And Protection Solutions

Reduce theft by up to 80% and secure your shelves today!

Speaking to an Easitag representative can save your business thousands in lost revenue and reduce theft by up to 80%. By chatting with us, we will evaluate your store's security needs and compile a store security solution that’s based on your budget, requirements and security needs.

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Retail Security Solutions

If you own a retail store or work in retail theft prevention, Easitag can put together a complete retail security package or individual retail security elements as needed. We can compile a customised security solution from our range of store security systems, retail security gates, and security tags and labels.

New Installs

If you don’t have a security system installed stock could be walking out the door without you even knowing it. Prevent shoplifting and theft attempts by up to 80% by talking with one of our representatives about the installation of a new security system for your retail store.

System Upgrades

Does your retail store alarm system need an overhaul? We can help. We can ensure that your security system upgrade is a smooth process. We do this by thoroughly auditing your security requirements and implementing products and solutions that are easy to integrate into your current product range and deliver excellent customer experiences.

Store Security Systems

We have over 30 years experience in helping Australian businesses (including many major retailers) reduce theft by implementing an Electronic Article Surveillance System.

We have three flagship systems that meet the requirements of most customers. See below for more details:-

Great where high security is a must. This system maximises system detection range and incorporates a contemporary appearance.

This system is designed to enable advertising to be inserted into the gate panels. A wonderful combination of performance and aesthetics.

The perfect security system for stores with high levels of traffic and also require a detection range of up to 1700mm.

Source Tagging

Easily combine your retail security tags at the manufacturing level to give your products a high level of security as soon as they hit the shelves. Call us today on 1800 077 375 to talk about source tagging.

KAA102 0 0Mobile Device Mounting and Displays

If you have mobile devices within your store you will want to ensure you have a robust security system in place for phones, tablets and mobile devices. We have a range of mechanical security solutions, alarm security solutions and mobile product companions available.

If you’re looking for mobile iPad and Android tablet stands, mounts and kiosks, choose from these industries to find out the best solution.

RFID Loss Prevention

Often when we speak to businesses about loss prevention and retail security options they will mention the term RFID and will quite often talk about RFID labels and tags. Whilst RFID is a useful application in manufacturing and warehousing, we find most retail customers actually use EAS labels and security systems.

If you’re interested in utilising RFID for your business, please talk to us on 1800 077375.

Nfc machineNFC Labels and Bulk Encoding Services

More and more businesses are finding inventive and interesting ways to utilise NFC labels and stickers into their businesses and products. If you’re interested in finding out more about NFC labels, take a look at our blog post called NFC Tag uses - What can you do with NFC Stickers.

NFC Encoding App

If you’re looking for an NFC Encoding APP - take a look at the NFC Easiwayv Tools App available in the App Store.

NFC labels squareBulk NFC Label Encoding

Need your NFC labels bulk encoded? We now provide a bulk NFC label encoding service for customers who want a large number of NFC labels encoded. We can easily handle thousands or tens of thousands of labels. Talk to us today.

Buy NFC Labels

If you’re wanting to purchase NFC labels online, take a look at our online store for NFC Labels.




Latest news

Wednesday, November 22, 2023
'Tis the season for joy, festivities, gift-giving, shopping and, unfortunately, a rise in shoplifting. As Christmas trading approaches, many businesses are gearing up for the annual surge in genuine customers and those with a less-than-honest intention when they walk into a store. Retailers are always looking for the best way to protect their merchandise, and one of the most effective strategies is anti-theft tagging with a focus on source tagging security labels.
Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Today’s retailers face a fast-paced and ever-evolving retail landscape. To thrive in this type of environment, companies must prioritise security and efficiency to stay ahead of the competition. One incredibly effective way to help achieve this is by implementing source-based Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging.
Thursday, January 30, 2020
It’s hard to believe the release of the very first iPhone was only 13 years ago. If you had told the average consumer fifteen years ago that in the space of little over a decade, almost the entire population of the planet would have a mobile device that could give them instant access to the internet, pay for products, stream their favourite TV shows and music, use GPS to help them navigate, take high-quality video and replace a multitude of electronic and digital products, you could very well have been considered a nut case. Only a few short years later we’ve now come to rely on this technology and take it for granted in our everyday lives. The proliferation of mobile apps and products that integrate with mobile phones has created an entirely new market of opportunity, not only for business but for marketers and advertisers too.

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