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Secure Mobile Devices With The Revolutionary New J-Plug

Easitag exclusively offer through The Joy Factory a comprehensive suite of the industries finest digital tablet mounts built on durability, flexibility and strength offering these exciting features:

Spherical Joints allow the mounts to rotate 360° to support portrait and landscape views while also allowing the mount to be adjusted into near-infinite configurations.

Carbon fibre is stronger than steel but much lighter. Since the arms of these mounts are made of genuine carbon fibre they are incredibly strong but surprisingly lightweight. This feature makes them easy to transport and easy to manoeuvre once they are mounted.

Heavy-duty mounting hardware makes these mounts sturdy and eminently reliable for long-term use.

Enabling integration into everyday life!

Enabling integration into everyday life, mounts offer flexibility to adapt to any situation and rather than intrude are often seen as an extension of your arm.

Although arm mounts are adaptable to many requirements we do offer specific mounting solutions that fit direct needs, click the image to discover the best market uses for our mounts.

Mounts in Education

SchoolTeachers and students are utilising tablets in surprising ways to improve learning outcomes. Tablet mounts can multiply a tablets effectiveness in the classroom and beyond.

  • Broadcast and annotate live video
  • Lifting off desk and improving posture
  • Attach to lectern for class presentations
  • Address specific special needs requirements

Mounts in Transportation

Transport3Tablets computers are increasingly common in the vehicles we use to get from pont A to point B. Mounts are needed to maximise the usefulness of these devices on the go.

  • Cars for navigation or entertainment
  • Taxis advertise, entertain lockable
  • Trucks enter data, face-time calls, maps
  • Airlines in cockpit or cabin
  • Boats navigation, weather or entertainment

Mounts in Warehousing

Distribution1Tablet computers are fast becoming the new normal for maximizing productivity and increasing collaboration in fast paced environments of factories and warehouses worldwide.

  • Home base safe, secure, ergonomic solution
  • Temporary forklifts and warehouse/factory fixtures
  • OH&S improved posture and reduce neck & back strain

Mounts in Exhibitions

ExhibitFor those involved in exhibiting at trade shows, museums, historical sites and other viewing venues, a tablet computer is the perfect solution for enhancing their presentations.

  • Securing so tablets cant be stolen
  • Creating interactive kiosks
  • Displaying and sending sales collateral to clients
  • Lifting tablets away from the tabletop to avoid scratches and spills

Mounts in Healthcare

Health4Mounts help healthcare providers and their patients get the most out of tablets in medical environments and beyond.

  • Presentations demonstrate the treatment
  • Workstation versatility in placement
  • Entertainment flexible positioning for patients
  • Wheelchairs convenient hands-free viewing

Mounts in Hospitality

Dining2Tablet computers are fast becoming the norm for how the hospitality industry meets the high-tech expectations of their guests.

  • Check in hub for mobile check-in
  • Guest Services interactive digital kiosk
  • Guest suites secure mounts for guests entertainment
  • Digital Menu’s interactive front of house
  • Self pay – order turnover orders faster

Mounts for the creative

Mounts can unlock the full potential of tablets for communicating your most important ideas and inspirations.

Creative 2          Creative

Mounts in Retail

Retail2Mounts can help shopkeepers fully deploy tablets in retail environments.

  • POS for payment of goods
  • Digital Signage near product displays
  • Kiosk engage with customers

Mounts for your mobile office

Retail2Keep up to speed whilst on the move

  • Vehicle tablet mounts
  • A great option for mobile offices
  • Enhance your productivity

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Thursday, January 30, 2020
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019
5G is gradually being rolled out in Australia over the next 12 months or so, bringing with it a range of new possibilities. With the advent of 5G we’re going to see better speeds and more security around mobile payments that previously haven’t been possible. This means a surefire uptake in people tapping their devices to exchange information and we will soon see this as a standard procedure with mobile devices across Australia.