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Secure Mobile Devices With The Revolutionary New J-Plug

The Joy Factory offers two lines of carbon fibre mounts, MagConnect™ and Unite™.

These two mounts utilize the same carbon fibre arms and the same mounting technology at the base, but feature different ways of connecting the tablet to the mount.

NFC info download 1 300x225


• Available for iPad and iPad mini
• Features a patent pending Magnetic Connection

NFC Peer to Peer


• Fits all 7”-12” Tablets




Choose a mount based on where you are going to mount it!

Flat Surfaces


Clamp Mount


C-Clamp Mount


Illustrate Document Camera Stand

MMU104 Webpage1

Wall/Cabinet Mount

MZU201 8

Desk Stand








Round Surfaces


Tripod/Mic Stand Mount


C-Clamp Mount


Wheelchair Mount




MMA106 2

Seat Bolt Mount

MMA107 3Highres

Headrest Mount


Cup Holder Mount





Getting Started!

To view our current range of tablet mounts please click on the image below relevant to your requirement. However if finding a mounting solution is difficult we are always available for a call, Freecall us today on 1800 077 375.

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