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Stop Shoplifting And Theft Attempts

Easitag logo 02Easitag is an Australian-based Electronic Article Surveillance company that specialises in the supply, installation and service of Radio Frequency EAS equipment and also the supply of Radio Frequency EAS adhesive labels and tags.

Effectively stop shop-stealing and theft attempts in your store with our Easitag Retail Security Systems

The implementation of a successful Retail security solution is a proven and pro-active approach to increasing the security of your valuable stock.

An Easitag Retail security solution can reduce theft by up to 80% converting potential thefts into an income source or “cash register” making your retail store more profitable.

EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) is a proven cost-effective loss prevention technique that has been widely implemented in retail stores for over 35 years. The major national retail chains have now made the Radio Frequency mode of EAS (RF-EAS) an integral component of their modern retailing programme structure, our range of retail security tags offers the opportunity for retailers to provide security tagging devices for a broad product range.

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Popular Gate Solutions

Orion VNS-101

Specifically designed for mass-market retail outlets with a light-weight and sturdy extruded aluminium frame offering a wide-aisle detection range of up to 1700mm.

Utilise the acrylic side panels of the antennae for advertisement or corporate branding effectively making a 2-in-1 system.

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With superior detection against shop-theft and the flexibility of merging into the store’s overall design concept, the Orion is effectively a 2-in-1 model detection system to maximise the rationale of antennae installation.

This unique Orion system format offers the ability for you to easily refresh the store frontage creating a new inviting and attractive appearance each time.

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Merkur 8.2 MHz EAS System

Made from powder coated stainless steel, the Merkur is built for strength in mind with the most advanced DSP (Digital Signaling Processing) electronics. The Merkur’s superior detection incorporating power line synchronisation facilitates either a single or multiple antennae installation.

As a stand-alone or multiple aisle configuration the Merkur system is fully compatible with all 8.2MHz re-useable hard tags and disposable RF security labels.

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Designed to address the aesthetic requirements of high-end retailers the insert panel design allows advertising decals to further promote your corporate brand and/or promotions. For retailers to whom aesthetics as well as performance are important, the high-end Merkur is definitely the system of choice

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Merkur MKS-950

Libraries, Resource Centres and DVD stores can benefit from protecting their valuable assets and resources with the Merkur MKS-950 system

With powder-coated stainless steel construction, the Merkur MKS-950 for Library Resource Centres and DVD stores is built for strength and flexibility with advanced DSP electronics introducing optimum system stability with microprocessor and software controls that still provides a superior detection over other library/DVD store EAS systems.

This superior detection incorporating power line synchronisation enables either a single or multiple antennae configuration installation. The system is fully compatible with all 9.5MHz library RF EAS labels, so no change to your existing labelling regime is required.

For Libraries and DVD stores whom aesthetics as well as performance are important; the Merkur is definitely the system of choice.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
If you’re a retailer in Australia you understand the difficulties and challenges retailers are facing with a plateaued economy, wages having only increased slightly over the past decade and the infiltration of online shopping taking a sizable chunk of the market. There is one area however that many businesses loathe as it’s something that strikes at the heart of their business and costs Australian retailers over $2.5 billion dollars a year ( source ). What’s worse is that shrinkage seems to be on the rise with a 16% increase over the past two years (according to respondents from The Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Survey 2019). When combined, both customer theft (shoplifting or shop stealing) and dishonest employees (internal theft) account for just under 80% of overall theft.
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
If you’ve worked in any type of retail or product-based business for any period of time, it’s likely you’ve heard of or used an EAS system before. EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance and it’s the standard for product security in most retail outlets across Australia.
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