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What does the NFC Easiwayv Tools app do?

NFC Encoding App

If you’re wanting to encode or program NFC labels then this is the app for you.

Put simply, the NFC Easiwayv Tools app is an easy way to encode your NFC adhesive labels to enable them to display:-

  • Plain Text (great for additional information or promotion info)
  • Web URL (link to a website of your choice)
  • Custom URI (for anything not http)
  • WiFi Network (enable visitors to access your WiFi network)
  • SMS (get people to SMS details for competitions, etc)
  • Email (similar to SMS, perfect for competitions, sign-ups, etc)
  • Telephone (enable the phone to call a particular number - after hours access to a building for example)
  • Business Card (share your contact details via an NFC label)
Currently our NFC Easiwayv Tools app has a bunch of features and we’re always looking at improving and updating our app so we’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions.

How to use the NFC Easiwayv Tools app

Installation You can install the NFC Easiwayv Tools app from the Google Play Store. Simply click on install and then open the app and you’re ready to start encoding NFC tags. Currently the NFC Easiwayv Tools app is only available for Android. When Apple releases the means to develop NFC applications, you can expect to find the NFC Easiwayv Tools app on the App Store

Homescreen – Read Tab

The application opens on the Homescreen Read Tab by default as this is where you will want to ensure your NFC labels/tags are the right format and can be encoded.

Plain Text

This option enables you to write a plain text message so it appears on the device that is tapped up against the NFC label. This is great if you’re wanting to add additional information to an item like a poster, geographic location, or add terms and conditions or additional product information, etc.


This option gives you the ability to direct people to a web address. This could be as simple as your homepage, a landing page within your website or a link to a YouTube video with additional information or a promotional video.(Note: this is the same format as Custom URL but automatically initiates the http:// ready to go).

Custom URI

This enables you to write your NFC label to a custom URI with any scheme you would like such as FTP, RSS, or whatever proprietary URI your business may use

WiFi Network

This is by far one of the most useful record types available on this app. If you would like your visitors to be able to access your WiFi network but are worried about handing out password details, this lets them access your internet without them having to get password details to do it.

Imagine getting customers (or temporary staff, visitors and consultants) to simply tap their phones on an NFC label and they can access the internet through your WiFi. Android encrypts the password, so you don’t need to worry about your users accessing it but keep in mind that most NFC labels/tags do not support encryption


Running a competition with an SMS entry? The SMS option of our NFC label encoder is the perfect option for you. Simply add the phone number and the message you would like to display and you’re good to go. Also great to put on your desk at work to text your significant other to let them know you’re about to leave.


This feature allows you to easily enable an email to be sent to any email address with the message body already filled out. Imagine being able to add an NFC label to the end of a product line or roll of product so when your customers start running low or run out, they can email you to order more. The possibilities are endless with this option.


Encode your NFC labels to open the phone app and call a number. Great for competitions, re-ordering of a product or applying to a product or poster for a hotline or further info.

Business Card

This feature adds the ability for users to tap on the NFC label and automatically have the following details added to their contacts.

  • Full Name
  • Organisation
  • Phone
  • Email

Write Tab - Clear Records

Running a competition with an SMS entry? The SMS option of our NFC label encoder is the perfect option for you. Simply add the phone number and the message you would like to display and you’re good to go. Also great to put on your desk at work to text your significant other to let them know you’re about to leave.

Run out of NFC labels?

If you need to re-order NFC labels you can tap on the ‘Buy’ tab in the app or go to our NFC Store to purchase more. Please note, if you’re ordering more than 200 NFC labels call us on 1800 077 375 to get exclusive pricing.

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