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Secure Mobile Devices With The Revolutionary New J-Plug

Portable mobile devices now play a major part in our everyday life!

What happens when you lose your mobile phone or how do you integrate your tablet into your everyday life?

Personal Asset Security

The old fashioned mobile or cell phone used predominantly for telephone calls, has been replaced by more powerful smart phone technology which is now dramatically changing the way people live.

Live without your smartphone?

shutterstock 142398055People can now no longer live without smart phones, from online banking to social media the smart phone will continue to develop to a remote portal linked back to a main home computer system; they are light, easy to carry and will be used more in the future to pass information.

Modern smart phones & tablets do come loaded with tracking capability however the majority of other everyday items do not, keys, wallets, passports, pets, bicycles or general household items do not have tracking capabilities, if you lose them what do you do?

Can technology replace my valuable items?

There are now a variety of personal asset security solutions available utilising the features within your mobile device. Utilising the power of Bluetooth there is currently no company in Australia looking to develop a total personalised asset security solution.

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Portable Device Protection

Damage to your valuable portable devices are possible because as they become an extension to our lives they at times can often become neglected and dropped, either permanently damaging them or partially.

Live with your mobile device!

4Due to their versatility and lightweight properties, mobile devices & tablets are physically limited to being viewed on a tabletop or handheld.

As businesses and schools everywhere are embracing tablet computers to help meet their diverse goals, there is an increasing need for accessories to maximize what these devices can do.

How can i incorporate my mobile devices into everyday life!

At Easitag we have evaluated a variety of mobile accessories that protect your valuable mobile devices from damage and also enable them to be incorporated into a broad range of everyday personal, business or schooling situations.

As well as having a number of solutions available for consumer use, we also have experience in developing specific business applications with our solution partners all over the world. Freecall us today on 1800 077 375 to find out how we can help you.

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