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Secure Mobile Devices With The Revolutionary New J-Plug

We have spoken to retailers and manufacturers who all love the fact that there are more live displays, but hate that the quality of the experience has been eroded by security. We want to provide our end customers the opportunity to experience products in a playful and memorable way that still delivers strong high-end security.

Mechanical Security Solutions

Simple mechanical security solution secures any device with an audio socket or requiring a fixed sized loop with high security steel cables.

J-plug Lock

J-Plug Lock

Your customers want features but they buy fun. The J-Plug Lock gives them touch screens they can touch, phones they can weigh in their hands and imagine taking home with them because they feel the fun not the security.

J-Plug Lock-Anchor

J-Plug Lock-Anchor

Even with the latest technologies the J-Plug’s simplicity in form and design, allow users to have the full experience.

J-Plug Loop

J-Plug Loop

Strongest and most stylish security loop on the market. Instantly secures a wide range of products - headphones, speakers, bags and much more. High security steel cable.

J-Plug Loop-Anchor

J-Plug Loop-Anchor

Have no closed loop but need to secure? Then the Fixed Loop is your solution. Ideal for headphones, this loop is fixed to one size so no one can unloop your product.


Alarm Security Solutions

Alarm and Charge solution provides high security steel alarmed cable with 3.5 audio lock, micro usb or fixed loop attachment.


J-Plug Splitter

In sleek anodized aluminum and an array of colours. the compact J-Plug makes a big statement; your store looks as good as the products you sell.


J-Plug Splitter - Loop

It's time to get a solution that protects your product image while still protecting your point of sale.


J-Plug Alarm

A small and simple high security solution designed to protect your displays without reducing the customers product experience.


J-Plug Alarm - No 3.5

We design our systems to be staff friendly. Easy to install, easy to manage. No smoke and mirrors just a clean simple system.


Product Companions

Raise your product profile to the next level, sleek elegant and modern product companions works with any of our mechanical and alarm security solutions.


J-Plug Camera

Alarm and Charge all in the palm of your hand. Small in design but strong in security. Designed with the latest smart camera devices in mind.


J-Plug Stand

The perfect stand to accompany any tablets secured by the J-Plug Alarm. Put your tablet on a podium that will showcase to your customers in style.


J-Plug Camera Stand

A base that is carved from aluminium using precision CNC to keep your displays sturdy but dazzling. A sleek, silk unibody stand engineered for toughness.


J-Plug Tab Stand

The Magnet pad keeps your products in place and on show. Angled perfectly to meet your customers eyes.



Contact us for a range of accessories to enhance and ensure your J-Plug secure display solution is performing at its optimum capability.

Secure your open displays now!

The secret to our successful retail security solutions all over Australia are the partnerships we create between Easitag and our retail customers. We provide overall solutions that suits your store, your security needs and your budget.

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