Radio Frequency Identification For Inventory Control & Security

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Effective management and control of mobile assets throughout your organisation is a key area of opportunity to increase profitability through a reduction of manual, labour intensive asset tracking practices.

Asset tracking done manually is typically complex and incredibly labour intensive, meaning it puts a strain on your workforce and unnecessarily complicates what can be an automated and efficient process with RFID asset management tracking.

RFID Asset Tracking solutions reduce labour and increase profitability

Eastiag can provide RFID labels and tags for asset tracking. Our approach to asset tracking is simple – take a process that is labour intensive, complex and time-consuming and automate it so the process is smooth, effective and cost-effective using the best quality labels we can manufacture. 


Once the initial cost of an RFID tracking system is in place considerable cost savings are achieved through automated processes and rises in efficiency. 



Know the exact location of assets, complete a fast and effective stocktake of assets or ensure assets are up-to-date with maintenance schedules. 


Save time and money by implementing an RFID asset tracking system and automating data capture and streamlining your entire asset tracking process. 

Applications for RFID Technology

RFID tags can be used in production lines by being attached to a manufactured product line that then gives the manufacturer the ability to track the progress of their products throughout the assembly line.

RFID tags can be used in a range of different ways when it comes to tracking goods through warehouses. RFID tags can be attached to almost any product making it easier to locate, identify and track products throughout the warehousing process.

Animals and Livestock
We’re all familiar by now with the concept of microchipping our pets, however, RFID tags can be used to track and manage livestock and for positive animal identification.

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There are many benefits to installing an RFID system that can be both financial and non-financial. From reducing laborious tasks for staff, thus freeing up their time for other more profitable projects through to creating accurate and efficient data capture processes that reduce margins of error.

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