Radio Frequency Identification For Inventory Control & Security

rfid vehicle tracking

If your business has a fleet of vehicles that need tracking, an automated RFID solution will save your company time, money and labour costs.

Many businesses currently use a barcode or number system to track vehicles. This outdated mode of tracking means staff need to spend time looking for, scanning and processing numbers or barcodes of vehicles – not to mention the fact that barcode, stickers or written/engraved numbers can be damaged, scratched or worn.

Replace outdated tracking modalities with RFID

By replacing outdated and time-consuming manual vehicle tracking processes with an automated RFID Vehicle Tracking System means you free up staff time and labour on other important projects. The tracking of vehicles becomes faster, more efficient and more accurate.

Time Saving

By implementing an RFID tracking system for vehicle management you will reduce time spent on finding, identifying and data entry of vehicle tracking IDs.

Cost Saving

Increased gains in productivity, time management and tracking accuracy means that after the initial cost of implementing an RFID Vehicle Tracking System, considerable cost savings can be achieved.

Labour Saving

By automating vehicle tracking you free up important time for your labour force for other, more profitable projects. Data entry is more accurate and efficient with our vehicle RFID systems.


Applications for RFID Technology in vehicle tracking and management

Car dealerships and rental companies
Easily track and capture movement of vehicles throughout the dealership or car rental borrow and return locations.

Gate automation and vehicle entry points
Automate entry to and from properties with RFID technology. No need to man booths or get out of the vehicle.

Traffic management
Automatically control which vehicles are able to leave or enter and at what time to reduce gridlock on operating sites. Perfect for mining, construction or large projects where vehicles are key.

Impact evasion
Get automated alerts when light and heavy vehicles are within a designated distance of each other to avoid collisions. Mostly used in underground mining operations.

Install an RFID Vehicle Tracking System today

The installation of an RFID vehicle tracking system has many advantages including great data accuracy, vehicle movement efficiency and the durability of tracking tags and labels.

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