Retail Security
Stop Shoplifting And Theft Attempts

Include retail security tags with your merchandise at the manufacture or packaging stage and reap the benefits

What is Source Tagging?

Source tagging is the process of integrating RF-EAS labels (also called ‘security tags’) into products during the manufacture/packaging stage. This enables you to focus on marketing, selling and expanding your product range as the goods arrive at stores ‘EAS ready’ and protected.

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Why source tagging makes sense!

Source tagging (sometimes called EAS source tagging) is a versatile and economical way to ensure the protection of products and merchandise immediately upon arrival at a store.

Incorporating security tags into the production process reduces retailers’ labour hours as internal staff won’t need to apply and secure labels to suppliers products.

Save your retailers time and money – make receiving your products simple, quick and secure.

Join other major retail suppliers moving towards source tagging

Easitag has been working with major and national retailers for the last 10 years to implement source tagging solutions into their stores.

With our dedicated source tagging division, Easitag works directly with suppliers to identify and document optimal label placement to ensure the highest level of security and detection when products are in store.


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We have introduced our own highly acclaimed Easitag brand of labels to retailers worldwide which has resulted in a high level of production growth and provided further savings for our customers. Our head office and local distribution centre is located in Brisbane with our major source tagging distribution centre in Hong Kong to service Asia, USA and European suppliers/manufacturers.

If you are a supplier to national retailers in Australia, you can offer a distinct advantage by offering your merchandise ‘source tagged’.


To assist retailers and suppliers in the implementation of source tagging, Easitag offers a comprehensive and specialized ‘Source Tagging Service’ to advise on and test the integrity of security tagging at manufacture or packaging point.

Easitag offers:-

    • Evaluation of proposed product and manufacturing/packaging process for optimal type and positioning of EAS labels
    • Labelling options/ applications tested in both an in-house and in-store environment to ensure maximum detection is achieved
    • Final recommendation for source tagging is discussed with the supplier to ensure a cost-effective approach to the application
    • Product Tagging Specification Sheet provided with instructions, diagrams and pictures for label application.

Along with:-

Need samples or further assistance?

We welcome further enquiries and, upon request, we can provide samples of the label range for further inspection and evaluation.

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