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Stop Shoplifting And Theft Attempts

Retail Security Tags, Labels and Gates

Security Systems for Retail Stores

Here at Easitag, we’re big on customer theft protection. We’re big on helping retailers understand the profit protection benefit from retail security systems, tags and labels. We’re big on explaining complex systems in easy ways to put them into action in your stores so you can optimize their effect and reap the rewards.

Security gates to stop them in their tracks

Our range of detection gates have been designed to work in conjunction with our labels and tags to provide your store with a ‘complete security solution’. Stop stock ‘walking out the door’ and control theft attempts from your store.

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The absence of EAS gates is a situational factor that can facilitate and encourage shoplifting.

(Clarke 2002a; Hayes 1999).

Our detection sensors can be placed at the entry and exit point(s) of your store which serves as a visual reminder that your retail outlet has a sophisticated retail security solution in place and that theft of merchandise will be detected.

We use a combination of visual flashing light alarms and audible alarms to alert store owners that there is an attempt to remove items from the store without being legitimately purchased.

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Retail Security Labels and Tags – protect your stock

Tags and Labels

By attaching EAS labels and tags to your products in-store you’re sending a strong message to would-be thieves that your retail outlet isn’t an easy place from which to steal. The more difficult you make it for a would-be thief, the more likely they are to move along from your store to a store without an EAS system.

Studies prove that EAS systems protect stock

Studies show that in busy retail environments where EAS security systems are installed, this helps reduce theft attempts by increasing the perceived effort for rewards associated with the crime by making products more difficult (and the risk higher) to remove merchandise from the store. (

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Latest news

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
If you’re a retailer in Australia you understand the difficulties and challenges retailers are facing with a plateaued economy, wages having only increased slightly over the past decade and the infiltration of online shopping taking a sizable chunk of the market. There is one area however that many businesses loathe as it’s something that strikes at the heart of their business and costs Australian retailers over $2.5 billion dollars a year ( source ). What’s worse is that shrinkage seems to be on the rise with a 16% increase over the past two years (according to respondents from The Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Survey 2019). When combined, both customer theft (shoplifting or shop stealing) and dishonest employees (internal theft) account for just under 80% of overall theft.
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
If you’ve worked in any type of retail or product-based business for any period of time, it’s likely you’ve heard of or used an EAS system before. EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance and it’s the standard for product security in most retail outlets across Australia.
Thursday, January 24, 2019
We’re quickly creeping up to a new decade and as we approach the 2020’s many retail clients are wondering what is in store over the next decade.