Retail Security
Stop Shoplifting And Theft Attempts

Multi-functional light weight wide aisle antenna

Made from light-weight and sturdy extruded aluminium, the Venus Orion is specifically designed for mass-market retail outlets for maximum overall structural strength with a detection range of up to 1700mm (5.6ft). It is fully compatible with all 8.2MHz reusable hard tags and disposable RF security labels used worldwide.

Combined with an aesthetically pleasing design, the Venus Orion also utilises the acrylic side panels of the antennae for advertisement or corporate branding exposure which is premium advertising positioning at your store entrance. The acrylic side panels are easily removed should visibility surrounding the EAS system be required.

With superior detection against shop theft and the flexibility of merging into the store’s overall design concept, the Venus Orion is effectively a 2-in-1 system to maximise the rationale of antennae installation.

Mechanical Specifications Antenna

Antenna Height 1530mm (60.2 inch)
Antenna Width 500mm (19.7 inch)
Antenna Base 510mm (20.1 inch) x 98mm (3.9 inch)
Frame Diameter 83 mm (3.3 inch)
Weight 10.5 kg (23.2 lbs.)
Material Aluminium
Foot Cover Steel, Black w/o Panel

Electrical Specifications Antenna and Electronics

Operating Frequency 8.2 MHz (± 11%)
Operating Distance

1.7 m (5.6ft) with 4 x 4 Label

Operating Temperature 0° to 50 °C (32° to 122 °F)
Detection Characteristic Moving Fields (3 Loop)
Transmitter Mode

Master, Opto Slave

Slave Output 2xOpto (Optional)
Receiver Technology Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
Power Supply Transformer 230 V AC, 0.135 A, 50/60 HZ


Product liability: The information provided is true, represents our best knowledge and is not only based on laboratory work but also on-field experience. However, due to numerous factors affecting results, we offer this information without guarantee and no patent liability is assumed. For further information or questions, please contact your Easitag representative.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023
'Tis the season for joy, festivities, gift-giving, shopping and, unfortunately, a rise in shoplifting. As Christmas trading approaches, many businesses are gearing up for the annual surge in genuine customers and those with a less-than-honest intention when they walk into a store. Retailers are always looking for the best way to protect their merchandise, and one of the most effective strategies is anti-theft tagging with a focus on source tagging security labels.
Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Today’s retailers face a fast-paced and ever-evolving retail landscape. To thrive in this type of environment, companies must prioritise security and efficiency to stay ahead of the competition. One incredibly effective way to help achieve this is by implementing source-based Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging.
Thursday, January 30, 2020
It’s hard to believe the release of the very first iPhone was only 13 years ago. If you had told the average consumer fifteen years ago that in the space of little over a decade, almost the entire population of the planet would have a mobile device that could give them instant access to the internet, pay for products, stream their favourite TV shows and music, use GPS to help them navigate, take high-quality video and replace a multitude of electronic and digital products, you could very well have been considered a nut case. Only a few short years later we’ve now come to rely on this technology and take it for granted in our everyday lives. The proliferation of mobile apps and products that integrate with mobile phones has created an entirely new market of opportunity, not only for business but for marketers and advertisers too.

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