Retail Security
Stop Shoplifting And Theft Attempts


In today's Australian retail landscape, ensuring the security of merchandise is fundamental to operational efficiency. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) integration at the source gives retailers a proactive approach to securing their products by embedding EAS technology into products or packaging during the manufacturing or production phase. 

Here are some of the benefits of integrating EAS labels at the source:-

Enhanced product security
Integrating EAS at the source helps to boost security measures in many different retail environments. By embedding EAS tags directly into your products during manufacturing, it becomes much more difficult for shoplifters to tamper with or remove security labels unnoticed. This more sophisticated level of security acts as an incredibly strong deterrent, helping to reduce theft and protect valuable merchandise. As a retailer, you can have peace of mind knowing your inventory is better safeguarded against theft and losses. As a supplier to retail your company will be viewed favourably by retailers if you offer the option of source tagged products 

Streamline your operations
Integrating EAS labels at the source streamlines the operational aspects of implementing security systems in your retail environments. With EAS tags or labels already applied during the manufacturing phase, you can eliminate the time-consuming process of manually tagging each item in-store and free up staff for other tasks. This saves significant labour hours and allows employees to focus on other essential tasks that help drive the business forward.  

Another added benefit of the automated application of EAS labels during manufacturing is that it ensures consistent and accurate placement of security tags or labels by reducing human error.

Improve your inventory management
One of the key benefits of source tagging with RFID labels is the overall improvement of your inventory management. By embedding RFID technology into every item, you gain greater visibility and control over your merchandise throughout the supply chain. This visibility allows for accurate tracking and monitoring, helping to reduce stockouts and minimise overstocking.

As a retailer, you can make informed decisions about inventory replenishment to make sure popular items are always available to your customers. This can lead to an enhanced customer experience, an increase in sales and improved profitability.

Enhance the customer experience within your store
Source tagging can play a vital role in creating a seamless and positive shopping experience for your customers. By integrating your security measures seamlessly into products, you can eliminate intrusive security devices that can affect the appearance and functionality of items that customers interact with. 

By implementing this, customers can fully experience the features of your product without bulky security devices in the way, resulting in a more enjoyable and satisfying shopping experience. Source tagging with EAS labels also removes the need for time-consuming tag removal at the point of sale, speeding up the checkout process and reducing line wait times and customer frustration or irritation at checkouts.

Enhance your cost efficiency
Implementing EAS or RFID whilst your products are being manufactured can yield long-term cost savings. Source tagging eliminates the need for manual tagging or retrofitting products with security devices, which in turn reduces labour costs and associated expenses. 

Having an automated integration process during manufacturing for your EAS or RFID labels ensures efficiency and consistency for your products' security devices, resulting in fewer errors and reduced operational costs. 

Talk with us today about integration at the source for your EAS or RFID labels. We can help strengthen your security measures, streamline your operations and improve your inventory management, all whilst achieving cost efficiencies in your production process. 

Taking a proactive approach to source tagging ensures merchandise security and ultimately leads to an improvement in your profitability and customer satisfaction. 

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