Retail Security
Stop Shoplifting And Theft Attempts

Large range of security labels for protecting your in-store merchandise. Easy to apply with high detection rating!

RF - EAS Labels

Our discreet disposable 8.2 MHz RF-EAS security labels are ideal for protecting high-volume, high-shrinkage items including health and beauty products, home entertainment products, liquor, hardware items, white-goods, shoes and numerous other types of highly-desirable merchandise on open display in your store.

Available in 1,000. 2,000, 4,000 or 8,000 unit rolls as dummy-barcode, or custom-printable, our security labels can be over-printed with most of the commercially available thermal-transfer printers and are designed to make a positive impact on your business.

Our Self-adhesive paper-thin radio frequency security labels are manufactured to a Hi-Q factor (enabling a stronger signal) and offer more precision than ever before!

Series 206

206 20 x 58 EAS Label11Designed for merchandise with longer and thinner detection. Clear window allows visibility and access to barcode and branding information.

  • Place over barcode
  • Nude Label Format
  • Easily integration into woven or printed apparel labels.

Series 300

300 30 x 30 EAS LabelOur smallest RF label is perfect for discreet applications such as health and beauty items

  • Smallest EAS Label
  • Discreet Applications
  • Smallest recommended EAS label. Used only if other label sizes don’t fit your packaging requirements.

Series 304

304 31 x 39 EAS LabelSlightly smaller than the 400, this label is optimal for items with limited packaging surfaces, yet delivers excellent detection performance.

  • Versatile size
  • Limited Packaging
  • Perfect up-size recommendation from the 300 label, still discrete, good protection.

Series 305

305 30 x 47 LabelA popular form factor for narrow packages or a slightly smaller label footprint.

  • Narrow Packaging
  • Added Printing
  • Easy integration into swing tickets for covert placement at source.

Series 306

306 32 x 58 EAS LabelYou want more information on your label? – No problem! This label is big enough to overprint your required information while still fitting on the narrowest of packaging.

  • Product Detail
  • Large Footprint
  • Slightly larger size than 305 for additional product requirements printed directly on label.

Series 354

354 35 x 41 EAS LabelVersatile with optimal detection and will fit in with virtually any packaging requirement

  • Versatile Label
  • Optimum Detection
  • If looking for a standard size that will fit the majority of your requirments then the 354 is your label.

Series 400

400 40 x 40 EAS LabelOur most popular label – and for good reason. It offers the best detection rate of any comparably sized label.

  • Original Size
  • Large Variety
  • Standard size label offering best detection suitable for all packaging, food and library requirements.

Series 404

404 40 Dia LabelThe Series 404 round label is ideal for containers and bottles such as vitamins. It is also smaller and more discreet than the Series 400, while offering the same performance

  • Round Label
  • Optimum Detection
  • Place under circular products for discrete protection, perfect for medicines.

Unsure on the label you require?

Our range of adhesive security labels is broad due to the variation on packaging requirements, we tailor labels to your needs, call us on 1800 077 375 to discuss your needs.

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